Sophie’s Farm has one mission to fulfil- To make sure families do not just eat but eat right. They pride themselves of products that are rich in nutrients especially poultry products. According to them, it is so important for  all of their hens be free to run, jump and play outdoors in the open air.

This is because happy hens lay the best eggs! And in a busy crowded city such as Dar es salaam where most people raise their chicken indoors, Sophie’s Farm is such a great find.

They wanted a logo which would represent them as a small business but with a room to grow because they are here to stay, so the logo had to be timeless. They wanted a vintage look but modern too so to stand out from the mass of “vintage farm” logos.

Based on this concept, we decided to compose the visual identity of the brand by using a palette of red, black and shades of gold to depict passion behind, stability and prosperity.

The client’s key words in describing this project and the long term vision for the brand were:

  • Timeless

  • Vintage- Modern

  • Nutritious

  • Healthy

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