Doris Mziray Law

Regardless of whether you’re a sole practitioner or  working in a large firm, your personal brand as a lawyer is important. Most importantly, a personal brand will allow you to stand out from your peers, in a good way. This task was to create brand identity for a female emerging and vibrant lawyer with a focus on delivering a full range of legal services, especially those of commercial nature mostly in business and entertainment industry.

We needed to produce an identity which would not be misunderstood also being mindful of the many things it can impact, including industry expectations, professional reputation, public perception and the of course potential clients.

The idea was to create a feminine but powerful brand . It was such a challenging project as it needed to be classy yet a little bit flashy to appeal to the audience and intended clients who will be business owners and vibrant people in the entertainment industry.

Our key words for this project were:

  • Intellectual
  • Mature
  • Feminine
  • Bold
  • Helpful
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