AJ-MOMBA AGRI INTERNATIONAL (TZ) LIMITED (AJ-MAIL) is an agribusiness and consulting company that provides management and advisory services to investors in the agricultural industry, within and outside Tanzania.

AJ-MAIL operates in six main areas namely;

1. Agro-inputs and agronomy consultations
2. Crop produce aggregation and storage ( buying and selling for export in future)
3. Conduct surveys i.e. Soil survey, Training need assessment, baseline and impact
4. Capacity building to smallholder farmers and SMEs on various agric-enterprises
5. Preparation of project/grants and business plan/proposals
6. ICT technology and renewable energy i.e. drip irrigation, greenhouse installation .

AJ MAIL wanted  a website to enhance their discoverability online and find potential clients and partners. They wanted it to be simple but proffessional to match their incredible work ethic and passion for improving the livelihood of small holder farmers in Tanzania.

The client’s @ajmomba key words in describing this project and the long term vision they have for the company were:

  • Proffessional

  • Important

  • Knowledgeable

To visit the site, click here

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