How to easily craft your brand’s unique story.

Many small-scale entrepreneurs hear the word “brand” and immediately think big corporations like AZAM, Vodacom etc., however the truth is they should be branding their businesses too. Even with a limited budget like most of us have, branding is very important because:

  1. It helps you to understand your purpose. This jack of all trades mentality most Tanzanian entrepreneurs have isn’t helping anyone in the long run. I get it, it’s quite difficult to be profitable sticking with one purpose but it is best to focus on one sole purpose- through one solid brand to really move an audience. For instance AZAM was in the food industry for decades before venturing into Media and Sports.
  2. Branding helps you grow a community. If you are serious about growing your business, you will need to build your business around a community.

One problem:

Most people do not know who their community is or what they want to tell them.

Remember, you cannot cater to everyone. Share a relatable journey by addressing your target market deeper problems and pain points.

I get it. You are nice.

You want everyone to feel included.

Here is the thing though. Your message could be lost in translation and at the end you will not be helping anyone. You may gain a lot of followers but how many of those are your customers? If you are not converting the large following you have to buying customers, capturing leads, then its nothing really.

Story telling is more than just writing. A brand story will have a common reference point that all branded content should report to. Find ways to tell the story in glimpses and let people keep coming back to discover more.

Brands can leverage the content they share to ask for engagement through a call to action, which is not necessarily request for purchase. I see so many business owners pushing sales via their content, and its not a bad a thing. But, have you ever thought of inviting the audience to share their stories, opinions and connect with one another? You will actually learn more about them and improve your products or services.

All things said, to create a loyal community, you first need to give people a reason to believe in your brand. You need to clearly define what your brand really is so that you can craft your story accordingly.

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